Non- formal Education Program

During the last decade, Bangladesh has achieved significant success in increasing enrolment in primary and secondary education. But still 30% of the children in the 6-10 age groups never enter the primary school while 40% drops out before completion. Adult literacy rate is the lowest in the world at about 62%. Based on the above scenario and considering education as the most powerful weapon to establish peoples freedom, democracy and empowerment, It has been in the non-formal education sector actively during the part 4/5 years. NABIL FOUNDATION has been implementing non-formal child education program with the collaboration of brac. Main objectives of the program include:
  To compliment the Govt.’s literacy target.
 To ensure 100% enrolment of children to primary school at 6.
 To encourage the children to continue in the primary stage till standard 5
 To reduce drop out at all levels of education specially among girls students
 To grow interest among the parents to continue their kids in the primary school
 To utilize existing GO/NGO educational facilities at all levels.
 To create and enhance easy accessibility of women in the higher education sector.
 To initiate life oriented functional education among the adults.