Program Management

NABIL FOUNDATION has a good, defined and specific system of program planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of activities along with strategies for identification of problems and its remedial measures

  • Planning: Before starting any program, it undergo a process of planning thronging the whole program period and closes up the program as per this program. All staff members and relevant persons are involved in the planning stage.
  • Monitoring : There is a defined monitoring system to monitor all the activities of the organization from bottom to top. Sr, staff members frequently visit field programs for smooth monitoring.
  • Evaluation: The organization has provision of internal evaluation with external evaluation.
  • Reporting system: It practices the following types of reporting:
    • Inception report
    • Monthly/ Quarterly report
    • Half yearly report
    • Completion report
    • Other special/ occasional reports.
  • Problem identification & its remedy:It always tries to identify the root cause of any problem to resist the repetition. Subsequent steps are taken for appropriate remedy of the problems so that dynamism of the organization could ensured.