Organizational Management

The general body: The Organization has a general body (GB) consisting of its all kinds of general members. It is the supreme decision making forum of the organization. It usually-Sits twice in a year with one Annual general meeting.Formulates and approve policies, by-laws, annual budget & expenditures and issues relating to Administration and Management.Elects Executive Committee (EC) among its general members as per constitution.Distributes roles and responsibilities among the members of the EC and fix up their remuneration.
  • Appoints the Chief Executive and top level executives.
  • Arranges to hold EGM if needed.
  • Approves amendments of organizational constitution.
  • Approves decisions and activities taken by the EC.
The Executive committee (EC): The EC is elected among its general members through a general meeting at the end of a term according to its constitution. The EC generally-
  • Holds meetings at quarter basis
  • Plans & executes yearly activities.
  • Formulates yearly budget and approve the budget & program plan of field offices Appoints auditor's farm.
  • Runs & co-ordinate management & administrative functions..
  • Maintains Bank account as joint signature basis.
  • Formulates and approves pay structure and financial facilities for employees.
  • Raising funds, collects loan and other resources for the Organization.
  • Makes & approves management committees at different levels.
  • Arranges to hold AGM, EGM & elections.
  • Sign memorandum/ contracts in favour of the organization.
The Advisory council: The Organization has the provision to form an advisory committee with expatriate and experienced persons to provide necessary counseling and guidance as and when necessary. They will be invited in the AGM. If any organizational crisis arises, the advisory council will play active role. The advisory committee members will play specific roles as/if requested by the EC.
Key Roles of the CEO :
  • Appoints the Chief Executive and top level executives.
  • 1.General administration
  • 2.Personnel, finance & program management.
  • 3.Find out donor and financial sources and contact & liaison with them.
  • 4.Coordinate with different sections of the organization.
  • 5.Implement organizational policy duly approved by the organizational authority.
  • 6.Coordinate with General body & Executive committee.
  • 7.Monitor staff attendance & discipline.
  • 8.Approve travel schedule of staff members with its monitoring & follow up.
  • 9.Ensure periodical reports preparation & submition.
  • 10.Ensure production of Annual report & Annual Audit Report.