Office Management

The Organization will run its functions through the following departments/ sections :
Finance & accounts department :
  • To manage & run financial activities.
  • To keep proper records.
  • To prepare financial reports.
  • To transact & operate Bank Accounts.
  • To pay staff salary & bills against expenditure.
  • To furnish internal & external Audit
  • To enumerate income & expenditure
  • To maintain stock register up the organization.
Human Resource Department (HRD) :
  • To recruit, train up & deployment of staff.
  • To monitor, evaluate and appraise staff performance.
  • To process staff transfer posting, promotion, demotion & punishment measures.
  • To keep & maintain personnel records through individual personnel life.
  • To keep & maintain staff leave records.
  • To finalize clearance of staff leaving the organization.
Program Implementation & coordination Department :
  • To implement, follow up & evaluate ongoing programs.
  • To monitor regularly field programs
  • To support the field offices with necessary finance, manpower & logistics.
  • To supervise Branch/ Area office activities.
  • To achieve organizational objectives through the programs.
  • To arrange monthly & other meetings with concerned staff.
Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Department :
  • To find out qualitative status of the field programs.
  • To monitor and evaluate ongoing programs.
  • To prepare monthly, half yearly and annual report.
  • To compile & publish organizational publications.
  • To conduct action research.