Job description of the Executive Director

The Executive Director as the Ex-officio of the organization will have the following responsibilities as approved by the Executive committee revisable from time to time:

  • 1. He/she will be reportable to the Executive committee.
  • 2. He/she will be responsible for overall management & administration of the organization.
  • 3. Supervise, coordinate & monitor the jobs of the senior staff members and approve their leave
  • 4. Approve yearly planning, budget, target setting and management strategies.
  • 5. Play active role in achieving organizational goal and objectives.
  • 6. Hold EC meetings and keep minutes as the member secretary of the EC.
  • 7. Approve disciplinary steps, promotion, yearly increment and other personnel issues of staff.
  • 8. Keep close and appropriate contact with GO/NGO counterparts along with donor partners.
  • 9. Sign mutual contacts with outside bodies in favour of the organization.
  • 10.Act as joint signatory in all the Bank accounts of the organization.
  • 11. Be active for strengthening staff skill, competencies and thus organizational capacities.
  • 12.Arrange to appoint Auditor and furnish auditing, document yearly activities.
  • 13. Responsible for legal measure as and when necessary.
  • 14. Do any other business as directed by the EC or situational stand.

Job description of staff