Job description of Director

  • 1.Will be reportable to the Executive Director
  • 2.Supervise, coordinate and monitor the jobs and tasks of all unit managers.
  • 3.Ply an active roll during yearly target setting, planning and in implementation of the units.
  • 4.Take disciplinary steps against subordinates in the field for misconduct. Propose to the higher authority precisely the recommendations and decisions that can and should be taken.
  • 5.Approve leave of the unit managers.
  • 6.Conduct feasibility studies for expansion of working areas.
  • 7.Visit field programs at regular intervals as per prior schedule
  • 8.Represent the organization to local government & non government institutions.
  • 9.Conduct the monthly unit managers coordination meeting and receive all the reports from them
  • 10.Compile the reports and send them to the central office.
  • 11.Take prompt decisions and inform the central office of any awkward situations as they arise/faces in the field.
  • 12.Lead the team formed along with the unit managers to realize overdue loans and bad debts.
  • 13.Be responsible with authority to legal measures.
  • 14.Determine assignments during festival leave.
  • 15.Take an active role in units fund management process.
  • 16.Attend the central policy making coordination meeting twice a year

Job description of staff