Job description of Unit / Branch Manager:

  • 1.Reportable to the Director
  • 2.Responsible for overall unit / branch management.
  • 3.The job is transferable.
  • 4.Unit Manager will approve the formed groups, all types of loans, unit management costs and community organizer's leave (annual medical & casual leave).
  • 5.Open and operate bank accounts with local banks if necessary.
  • 6.Be a joint bank signatory.
  • 7.Supervise the activities of the staff members of the unit.
  • 8.Accomplish posting on a daily basis of the cashbook, ledger book and on a weekly basis the unit register and prepare monthly savings & credit (MIS) reports for central office, via regional manager.
  • 9.Check thoroughly the daily postings of related papers done by community organizers. If errors are found, correct it and couch them they do it correctly.
  • 10.Prepare daily loan disbursement plans.
  • 11.Calculate the exact daily recoverable amount for loan and savings with the help of organization and their registers.
  • 12.Properly manage funds in terms of loan disbursement, receipts and payments (DD,MT cash transaction) with central office and unit offices as well.
  • 13.Produce yearly loan plans with the help of community organizers.
  • 14.Prepare monthly payrolls as per rules.

Job description of staff